Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Shroud of Turin, Summer of 2012, and the Synagogue of Satan

Many believe the Shroud of Turin to have the full-body imprint of Jesus Christ on it.  If this image is truly that of Jesus--miraculously transfered onto this cloth--then you may wonder how the Son of God looked like when he was a younger man, without a beard.  The face to the right of the face on the shroud--in the above drawing--may be a reasonable depiction.  Though perhaps the younger Jesus may have also had long hair.

Some people--including superb Christian researcher Dr. Joye Pugh and another researcher named Rik Clay (who died mysteriously in 2008)--are saying that the false messiah will be presented to the world this Summer: most likely during the 30th Summer Olympics in London.

There are several theories as to who this false messiah or the "Antichrist" or the "man of sin" is.  One theory says that Osama bin Laden is this man or "little horn": a guy who calls himself Good Nyheter on Youtube is a proponent of this.  He says that bin Laden was not truly killed by an American special forces unit.  It was a bin Laden stand-in who was actually killed; the real bin Laden is alive somewhere awaiting the time when he will make his entrance.  Another theory says that Alexander the Great will be resurrected--the Creator God allowing Satan to do so--to fulfill the role of the "man of sin" or the "king of the north".  The Mayan Calendar is believed to be saying that the "little horn" or "Gog" will appear in 2012.  The bankers in the district in London known as the "City of London" have been looking forward to the manifestation of Gog and Magog for some time now.

The Synagogue of Satan is, I think, certain people of the descendants of Esau--the older brother of Jacob in the Old Testament.  They want to establish Zion, which is their interpretation of the Zion foretold in scripture.  These Zionists, as far as I can tell, believe that they will fulfill the prophesied return of the Son of Man to the earth: it is they who will bring about this long-awaited kingdom of the next age ("New World Order").  And this "man of sin" is the man they are hoping to lead them in ushering in this One World Government.

going back to before the flood of Noah. It is said that Adam and Eve originally dwelt in a higher dimension, if you will. It was when these two were in the Garden in Eden that the serpent impregnated Eve. Cain was the fruit of that union. And ever since then the descendants of Cain have been perpetrating evil on the earth. An excellent Christian researcher named Zen Garcia has spoken of this. (He also says that before Adam and Eve other kinds of (pre-Adamic) humans existed that were created by the Elohim--the sons of God or angels. Elohim can mean either the sons of God or God the Father and his son Jesus along with the sons of God: the Council of the Gods, as Michael Heiser calls them.)

My name is Tom Vutayon (or Vutayan or Vudtiyanon).  And I'll go on record as saying that I think Prince William is the the "man of sin" prophesied by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament--and "Gog" and the "king of the north" spoken of in the Old Testament.  If it turns out either sometime this year  (after June 21: William's birthday--the Summer Solstice) that he is not the false messiah that is spoken of in prophecy--then I'll be ready to admit my mistake.

I've come to believe that the Shroud of Turin is what was used to cover Jesus' body after he died on the cross and was put in the new, un-used tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. 

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