Monday, May 14, 2012

The Story Continues (5/14/12)

These two agents for a Committee member named Brandon have just encountered a "planetary angel."  C. S. Lewis--most likely a false Christian who in actuality served Lucifer--did speak of lesser truths in his fiction and non-fiction works.  If memory serves he said--in his book "Mere Christianity"--that a person has a choice: either Jesus was who he claimed to be or he was a lunatic.  Well, the truth is that Jesus was who he claimed to be.  The actual choice is: will a person turn to the truth or will they turn away to the lie: that we can become as gods.  Luciferians know the truth: that Almighty God is the True God.  And they know that his Son came from him, and by worshiping him we worship the Father. 

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