Friday, June 15, 2012

God Vs. the God of the Zionists

I've heard a number of theories about the Gods in the Torah.  One is that the serpent in the Garden in Eden was the good God--and that his name was Ea (Enki); and the God who warned Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree of the knowlege of good and evil was actually the evil God: Satan.  Another theory is that Yahweh and the Lord God are two different Gods (That's true!), and that the latter is jealous of the former and was constantly trying to subvert his will--to subvert his power (Not true!).  And of course this popular one: the God of the New Testament is not the same God of the Old Testament--for the OT God was murderous and vengeful, whereas the NT God is loving and peaceful (Definitely not true!)

It is true that man was made in the image of Elohim or the Anunnaki.  The God of Gods is a spirit, invisible to us.  He has no form that we can see.  So man was made in the image of the gods (Elohim).  Man was genetically engineered from both a hominid called Homo Erectus and the Annunaki.  Yet Jesus Christ came from the Father.  He told his disciples that if they had seen him then they had seen the Father.  Christ was a man.  He came from the Father.  Christ was like us, but he possessed deity, which he did not think was a robbery of God.

Lucifer's millenia-old plan to bring about the Antichrist kingdom is at hand--one in which we would see established the outright worship of Satan (for a few years only, thank God).  Zion is a name for this kingdom, since Satan is attempting to be God.  Some think that the descendants of the Merovingians are behind this grand scheme.  Apparently the Sinclair family are the posterity of King Merovee today, who according to legend was fathered by a beast of the sea.  The Merovingians ruled over the Frankish kingdom (Northern France and Western Germany).  The Franks were a confederation of tribes--the Salian Franks being dominant--descended from the Trojans.  Several different groups of Trojans fled to different areas after Troy fell to the Achaeans.  One group landed on the shores of Epirus along northwestern Greece.  They stayed in that area for centuries until the 200s AD, when they began to move westward because of upheavals caused by war between the Romans and Germanic tribes in Southeast Europe.

The Franks entered onto the stage of history, establishing their territory in Northwestern Europe.  Their first ruling dynasty was the Merovingians.  The Merovingian kings wore their hair long, emulating Samson (of the tribe of Dan) from the Book of Judges; however, these Merovingians were not descended from the tribe of Dan.  For the Franks were descended from the Trojans, who themselves were descended from the tribe of Judah.  (I touched on the origin of the Trojans in my post about the Ancient Greeks.)

So if the Sinclairs are Merovingians, then they would have Trojan blood in them.  And the Trojans were of the tribe of Judah.  It could be that the Merovingians, after they were deposed as kings of the Frankish kingdom in 751 AD (Thanks to, intermarried with one or more of the Ashkenazi banking families/Evil Figs of Jeremiah 24.  However it cannot be--from what scripture says about the Antichrist--that the "man of sin" will arise from the Sinclair family. 

Britain will become the "isle of wonder" this Summer.  The island of the pretend Christian C. S. Lewis will become like the land of Narnia perhaps.  Only it won't be such a good thing.  This Aslan (the Lion King) will be Satan fully realized in this physical realm.  (Lewis' compatriot J. R. R. Tolkien was pointing to the "man of sin" with his book "The Return of the King."  It's no coincidence that the film "The Two Towers" came out around the same time as the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11.)  The King of the North will properly be introduced to the world.  He will begin his career as the King of England (thus King of the world).  He then will move onto the European mainland to crush the revolts against the big banks--for plunging Europe (a major part of scattered Israel) into economic ruin.  Then the Assyrian (this moniker is figurative, not literal: just like Magog (Ezekiel 38) does not literally refer to the nation of Georgia) will take command of the NATO forces in the Middle East.  By this time President Barack Obama should have been sacrificed--being the scapegoat for America's (and the world's) woes, so that the "man of sin" can appear as the man with the plan--the hero who will save the world.  He will speak of bringing an end to the wars in Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria.  I might add that in Egypt we will have the "king of the south" (Daniel 11).  (Open conflict should have already begun in the latter two countries by the time the "son of perdition" steps into the limelight.)  Most likely the King of the North will at first bring peace.  But he will be a worker of sorcery (witchcraft) and will apparently make a move on Jerusalem.  He may be received peacably; until he goes into the rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount and proclaims himself as God--and that everybody on the earth should and must worship him.  The Jewish inhabitants of that city (who are the true descendants of Judah and who are not Zionists) will then resist the new king because of his blasphemy.  These orthodox Judahites will be filled with zeal for the true God--and strengthened by their God (Zechariah 12)--they will be able to drive the Antichrist from the Chosen City. 

After being thrown out of Jerusalem, the "man of sin" will then turn his attention on Egypt (the first of the three horns of Daniel 7 to fall).  The King of the South will move to intercept the King of the North.  The former and his Egyptian army will be crushed.  With Egypt out of the way all of Africa will be open to the Assyrian.  Once he moves into North Africa he will receive "tidings" from China.  The Chinese military then intervenes but they will be defeated by Satan's incarnation (China being the second of the three horns to fall). 

It is then that an idea comes into the Antichrist's mind: the invasion of America (Ezekiel 38:10-12 and the "wilderness" of Revelation 12 is a major portion of the regathering of Israel).  By this time--a few years into Satan's direct reign--America will experience a revival, for many Americans will repent of their wickedness (the worship of money or Mammon) and turn back to their God.  Of course America will be invaded from both the Atlantic and the Pacific sides (thus becoming the third of the three horns to fall).  America is the wilderness set apart for Israel in the latter days by God; however the corporation known as the "United States" was not approved by the Creator: he only suffered it to come into existence because he would bring something good out of it.  The Founding Fathers were Freemasons.  True they were not part of the Illuminati, but they were not Christians (for the most part).  George Washington and his fellow leaders in the rebellion (against King George III) worked deception on the American colonists.  The founding fathers intended to create a masonic sanctuary, where they and their posterity would be the beneficiaries of the fruits of the new land and the labor of the American people.  It has been said that the prominent families that have played a major part in the political life of the US throughout its history are all interrelated and can trace their lineage to the nobility (and royalty) of Britain.  There is truth to this.

So the Antichrist will bring further destruction to America.  It is then that he will come to his end, for Jesus Christ will smash his multinational army and cast him into the lake of fire, where the false prophet--Barack Obama--had just recently been thrown into.  Both the false prophet and the Man of Sin are both clones.  That's why neither of them will get the chance to come before God's judgment throne like other humans.  Obama may be the clone of the pharoah Akhenaton, and the Antichrist most likely is the clone of Jesus.

Speaking of America, I've noticed that the sun has lately been setting to the north of due west (here in Washington State).  This is not supposed to be happening.  Here in the northern hemisphere the sun normally sets to the south of due west--setting slightly to the north of due west only in the height of Summer.  This unnatural phenomenon is being caused by Nibiru or Planet X getting ever closer to our vicinity in the solar system.  The Anunnaki who inhabit this planet or spherical space station will arrive to further strengthen the forces of Satan and Lucifer.  Yet in the end (2019?) God and his Son will overcome all their enemies.  God will bring about a new earth and a new Jerusalem.