Saturday, September 22, 2012

Artistic Apocalypse

Even this late in the late hour I still take some time to appreciate great art.  Above is a page from a comic drawn and colored by Mark Badger.  It's brilliant and shows Badger to be a master cartoonist.  Now look at a piece of illustration (just below) that I did.
Isn't my illo comparable to Badger's drawing?  Wouldn't that make me a master artist also?  Check out another comic page by the superb Mark Badger.
Amazing stuff.  Now check out another drawing by yours truly that I'm sure is of the same caliber.
 Please do not judge me as being arrogant when I'm pretty much saying that I'm a master of drawing and painting like Mark Badger.  I can attest to having a sobering mind.  You know you've arrived (as an artist) when you can honestly say that your own art is at the level of accomplishment that Badger has achieved.