Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Story Continues (12/12/12)

 Jesus Christ was YHVH Elohim--or Adonay YHVH--in the Old Testament.  Kabbalah says that YHVH is the ineffable name.  That cannot be: it was speakable, since the voice in the burning bush told Moses that the name he was to give to the Israelites was YHVH Elohim--translated "The LORD God" by the King James translators in Genesis 3:15.  That was Jesus' voice in the burning bush.
Now onto the issue of the "man of sin" being a Muslim (supposedly).  Where, O Man, does it say in the scriptures that the Antichrist will arise from among the Muslim nations?  He's called "Gog" in Ezekiel 38-39.  And where does Gog come from?  The north!
By the way, I've heard that the US is sending fighter jets to Egypt.  I see that Egypt will be the first of the three horns (Daniel 7:8) that the Antichrist will overcome.  Gog being the "king of the north" and Egypt being the "king of the south" in Daniel 11.  However, what is up first will be the Daniel 8 War, as I've said.  Very few Bible teachers or Bible scholars point this out.      

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