Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kenites Insinuate Themselves Into Israel

    (The guy with the black hair is a Kenite (more specifically of Edomite/Ashkenazi descent) and the guy with the mustache is of Manasseh (American of Anglo-Saxon descent.)
The Kenites knew that the two sons of Joseph--Ephraim and Manasseh--would be more blessed than their Israelite brethren.  The children of Ephraim (England) and Manasseh (USA) would come to have dominion over the world.  It's no wonder that the Bankers and lawyers (Kenites, broadly speaking) have made their headquarters in London.
But their aim is to make Jerusalem their (world) capital.  That's what this crescendo of created chaos in Syria is leading to--created by the Bankers (Synagogue of Satan/sons of Cain).

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