Friday, September 27, 2013

Psalms 110:1: Yahweh at the Right Hand

The transliteration of Psalms 110:1 reads:

"1 l'däwid miz'môr n'um y'hwäh ladoniy shëv liymiyniy ad-äshiyt oy'veykhä hádom l'rag'leykhä"

Let's break it down:

"l'dawid miz'mor n'um" (David poem oracle)

"y'hwah" (Yahweh or Yahveh)

"ladoniy" [which is la (to) + adown (rule or sovereign)] (to rule)

"shev" [which is a form of yashab] (sit, dwell, remain)

"liymiyniy" [which is le (regarding or according to) + yamiyn (right hand)] according to the right hand (of somebody more powerful)

And here I want to stop. 


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