Friday, December 13, 2013

"Wilusa" and "Troy"

I've read on a website (I forget the website and I'm too lazy to dig up which one it was.) that the Aramaic (root) word for "tower" is TWR.  We should remember that Aramaic was the northwestern branch of the Aryan/Akkadian family of languages...actually I've found the site and the specific page:

Very interesting what they have to say.  The people who created this site are not Christians, yet what they say here lends support to what the Bible and true history has to say.  (I checked into what they assert and am convinced that they are very much on the path of verity in this regard.)

Apparently TWR is the root from which "Troy" is derived.  So "Troy" refers to the citadel.

In a recent post I posited the theory that YHWD (part of an inscription on the Bat Creek stone and which means "Yehudah" or "Judah"--removing the prefix "L" from LYHWD) was morphed into Wilusa.  I was wrong.  What we have here is that the root "WLY" is where "Wilusa" is derived from.  WLY means "to border upon."  From the same root comes "waliy," which means "ally."  I've heard somewhere that Paris (as the de facto ruler of Troy and using his political name "Alexander") was an ally of the Hittite Empire.

It's interesting that this article says that the Hittite "pariya-muwa" does not mean "Priam;"  Rather pariya-muwa means "Ephraim" or more likely "Abram."

Wil-USA and Jer-USA-lem have something in common. 

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