Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Aryans: On the Wrong Side of History

(Sometimes you may--like the masked man (Spokesman) above--lose your cool because you've come to realize that you're on the "wrong" side--and that the vast majority of the rest of the world has been ensorcelled.  That and then there are those who don't care.  And it's damn near impossible to wake them up.  Of course the ones who do care only think they're awake!)

To continue from where I left off in my last post, if it is true that the Noachides (Aryans) possessed atomic weapons--how come they didn't use them on the Kenite Babylonian Empire proper?  Well you have the case of the US (which was on the "right" side) during World War II.  America only had two atomic bombs at the time.  So it could be that the Noachides had only enough uranium and/or plutonium for one or two such weapons--and they used said weapons already (one of them on Mohenjo-daro).

The right side--the actual right side--has come to be painted as evil by history.  Perhaps we can go all the way back to the fourteenth millennium BC?--when the war between Atlantis and the Rama Empire was fought, which is spoken of in the Mahabharata.  At this time two of the sections of Triple Town were floating in the sky--above the third section that was on the land.  (Atlantis at one of those advanced eras in the course of its existence.)  Since both sides here can be considered as "Aryan," this conflict will not be pertinent to this discussion.

Not long after this we move ahead to the thirteenth millennium BC (when we still have thawing ice) when the Ramayana war occurred.  Rama was an Aryan.  If his enemy, the "demon" Ravana, was not Aryan--then he was at least an Aryanized king.  So neither is this war pertinent.

After that we have the Atlantis/Athens War recounted by Plato in Timaeus (about 9600 BC).  (Atlantis at this time was still recovering from the above major war with Rama (Bharata)--therefore the Atlanteans were not as advanced technologically but were becoming a superpower again.  Elohim judged them and their island disappeared under the Atlantic waves.)  Again both sides may be considered as Aryan.  So no pertinence. 

Next we have the Mahabharata war (5561 BC).  The Pandavas were Aryans and these Aryans were losing ground in Northern India; the Kauravas were mostly not Aryans, but their leadership may very well have been Aryans.  So the Pandavas were the newer Aryans in Bharata (dwelling along the Yamuna and Ganges Rivers), if you will.  Thus this war is not pertinent.

Further on we come to the Noachide/Kenite War.  Here at least the Babylonian leadership (Kenites) were Aryans.  Today people would probably judge the Noachides wrongly for having resorted to atomic warfare against the Kenite-controlled Harrapans: Noah and his progeny only acted out of self-defense.

Let us move on to the Great Conquest of Canaan by the Israelites (circa 1400 BC).  Many people today believe that YHVH is a cruel God because he commanded his elect angels (Israel) to annihilate the Canaanites.  People today (most of whom are under a glamour), who do not identify themselves as "Christian," do not understand the context in which this war was executed.  And most Christians defend the actions of those ancient Israelites from the (false) moral high ground of Zionism: the [fake] Jews are God's people, and therefore we are to support them (the State of Israel)!

Now we arrive at the Great War for Survival of the True Jews, that being Germany (the re-gathered Tribe of Judah) during World War II.  No it was not the "Great Patriotic War."  Adolf Hitler and the rest of the German leadership realized the grave threat they faced.  That's why the German people voted the Nazi Party into power in the 1930s.  These who were among the fairest of the volk may not have fully comprehended the esoteric or recondite nature of the threat (that being the Synagogue of Satan--Revelation 2:9 and 3:9), but they could perceive that things just were not right somehow--what with high unemployment that followed upon the horrendous loss of life amidst the trenches of the Western Front (and the subsequent humiliation that was the Treaty of Versailles).

The Soviet power was raised up by the Bankers to crush the growing might of Germany.  Hitler was doing something blasphemous: he had outlawed usury.  And he had the audacity to rebuild the military into the Wehrmacht (Defense Force).  Unfortunately Hitler made some disastrous decisions.  In that Blitzkrieg into the USSR (1941) the road to Moscow lay wide open.  He let that window of fantastic opportunity slip out of his and the German people's hands.  (The Reichsvolk had organized themselves along military lines, for they had to take extreme measures (prejudice) against the immense Kenite/Edomite/Communist endeavor to end their happiness.)  The atrocities that the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS committed were justified.  And we know that millions of Germans (both soldiers and civilians) were murdered in the end.

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