Wednesday, June 26, 2013

et-haadam (Eth Ha Adam)/Lemurians/Aryans

The Adam spoken of in Genesis 1:27 is the same as the Adam spoken of in Genesis 2:7--that is "et-haadam."  Et or eth is the particle (in Hebrew) and is not easily translated into the English.  Ha is the article.  So et-haadam means something like this: "this self-same man (who is ruddy in appearance)." 

What we have here is that the Adam was first formed (for a living soul or being) in Genesis 1:27, which was likely many thousands of years ago.  And something happened and God formed another flesh body for this living soul--in the garden in Eden this time (Genesis 2:7).

The garden event most likely happened around 4004 BC.  So the appearance of the same Adam earlier (Gen. 1:27) must have occurred thousands of years earlier.  What we are seeing in this is that God's relationship with this Adam (a White Man) is going through two phases.

It may be that the Proto-Aryans--called Lemurians--were the children of the first advent of this Adam.  And he (the first time) was placed on the island of Hyperborea in the Northern Atlantic, which would explain why Hyperborea has come to be seen as a type (antitype) of the later garden of Eden.  The civilization founded by Adam--spanning much of East Asia and the Pacific Ocean--has been called "Lemuria."  It lasted thousands of years and may have finally come to an end with the Mahabharata War (circa 5561 BC according to Nilesh Nilkanth Oak).  This was a devastating war in which atomic weapons were employed.  Not long after that (5525 BC) Dwarka--city of Krishna--was flooded.  So pretty much this civilization came to an end.

Thus God (YHVH Elohim--the "YHVH," meaning "the Existing One," emphasizing that he would form a covenant(s) with Adam and his descendants.) formed (Hebrew verb "yatsar") this Adam in the garden in Eden (about 4004 BC).  And thus a new era for the Adamic (White) or Aryan race.

(Then it may be said that the Mahabharat War occurred before the war between the two seedlines (the seed of the woman (Jesus Christ) and the seed of the serpent (Satan)) commenced--as spoken of in Genesis 3:15.  Then the violence and genetic corruption (from the Nephilim, children of fallen angels and Sethite women) that happened in Genesis 6 came later ( the 3000s BC).)


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