Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The Rig Veda does not speak of an origin for the Aryans outside of India.  This can be explained, I think.  The later Aryans--descendants of Noah--of course came from north of the Himalayas.  The earliest Aryans were a darker-skinned people whose habitation of India goes back many millennia--perhaps all the way back to the Last Glacial Maximum or LGM for short (25,000 BC).  The LGM saw the transition from the descending Kali Yuga into the ascending Kali Yuga: which appears to be what we are in right now: the ascending Kali Yuga. 
It is said that the Rig Veda goes back into the Ice Age--13,000 BC and even earlier.  It finishes in the Treta Yuga--about 7400 BC, which was in the days of the Ramayana.  And this was nearly a millennium before the Mahabharata (in the Dwapara Yuga, which was in 5561 BC).

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