Monday, July 8, 2013

Kali Yuga Correlates to Genesis

Dr. Vartak, a Mahabharata scholar, states that the Kali Yuga began earlier than 3102 BC--he puts it as early as 4218 BC to 4597 BC.  The date of 4218 BC is close to the beginning of the transitional period into the descending Kali Yuga (3976 BC).  This in turn is close to 4004 BC, which may very well have been when Yahveh Elohim placed Adam and Eve in the garden in Eden.
And it is about 4000 BC when Sumeria experienced devastating flooding, known as the Flandrian Transgression.  This put an end to Ubaid culture--the Ubaids being pre-Adamite people.  Thus this was preparing the way for the Akkadian/Aryan people to arrive and establish a city called Babel in the plain of Shinar.  And it would be from these people--from the city of Ur--that Abram and Sarai would be called out by YHVH to Canaan.
Note that the descending Kali Yuga ended in 976 BC.  The transition period into the ascending Kali Yuga was from 976 BC to 676 BC.  What happened in this interval of time?  Why something major: the Assyrian captivity of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel")--in which God divorced the northern tribes.  This deportation included most of the Southern Kingdom of Judah.
Eventually captive Israel lost their identity.  Since then this has been the world's greatest secret.  And the Zionists want to keep this secret hidden.
The Babylonian Captivity of the Judahites (605 BC to 539 BC) occurred in the ascending Kali Yuga.  It was a dark time for God's Elect.  It was in these centuries (and for some time to come) that Scattered Israel (northern tribes) would be steeped in paganism until the light of the Gospel reached them in Europe in the 1st Century AD--by way of the Apostle Paul.  (Joseph of Arimathea was already in Britain at the time, teaching the Britons about The Way.) 

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