Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dinosaurs and Angels

Having looked into the work of two superb researchers by way of Youtube--MichaelWynn( and Joseph Farrell ( synthesizing aspects of what they both had to say with what scripture has to say, I came up with a picture of what the dawn of history looks like.

It appears that two tremendous cosmic wars took place in the deep past.  The first one occurred about 65 million years ago.  The second one took place about 5 million years ago.  The first war was the first rebellion against or desertion of the most High God.  A group of creatures--referred to as "the titans" in Greek mythology--decided to wage war against the Most high, in a bid to overthrow their Creator.

In the Bible, the titans are symbolized by a creature called "leviathan."  Leviathan is depicted as the largest, most ferocious monster you could ever come across (Book of Job).  What the Greek "titans" and the Bible's "leviathan" are speaking of are the dinosaurs.  Tyrannosaurus Rex and his/her fellows may have been more than just dumb animals going about thinking of survival; they may have been highly intelligent beasts who possessed a high level of civilization, if you will.

 The dinosaurs dwelt on a planet called Tiamat, which once orbited the sun--between Mars and Jupiter (now the asteroid belt).  It could be that the governor of this solar system at the time was Marduk (Satan): this was before this archangel would rebel against God, for the latter had put the former in charge of this system.

When the dinosaurs rose up in rebellion God responded by leading Satan and the other angels (including Michael and Gabriel) against the rebels.  It is interesting that 65 million years ago, a great "rock" or asteroid crashed into the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.  From what I understand, the earth formed from a large chunk of planet Tiamat--when it was blown up, long, long ago.  Yes, the earth was part of Tiamat many millions of years ago.  So that's how the dinosaur uprising was crushed.  Joseph Farrell says that--coincidentally enough (I don't believe in coincidences.)--the first war took place 65 million years ago, but he makes no mention of the dinosaurs.  Whereas Michael Wynn does.

The second rebellion occurred millions of years later when Lucifer became filled with pride, thinking that he could become as the most High.  When Lucifer and a third of the angels followed him in rebellion, the archangel Marduk led the other two thirds of the angelic host against Lucifer.  Satan and his angels were defeated, becoming known as the "rebel angels."