Friday, December 2, 2011

The Truth

The truth, at its heart, is simple: Jesus is the Truth: salvation is attained through faith in Jesus.  Fearing (reverencing) the Lord is at the start of wisdom.  Everybody has faith in something.  Even people who say they have faith in nothing have faith.

The truth also has complexity to it: the more you study Scripture, the more layers of meaning you often find.  One can study Scripture for the rest of their life and still find something new in it.  Yet at its core it is a simple Truth.

And you would do well to be suspicious of those (who claim to be followers of Christ Jesus) whose messages or teachings place importance on peripheral things: things other than Jesus, the need we all have for Jesus as our savior because we are all lost and in a state of separation from the true God--until we turn to the Son of God.

The teachers and ministries in the church with the big names are pretty much all suspect: Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, T D Jakes, Tim La Haye, Chuck Smith, TBN (run by the Crouch family--not that every member of the Crouch family nor everything on this network is suspect), Pat Robertson, Dr. Robert Schuller among others.  When a lot of money becomes part of the equation of running these ministries, the temptation becomes too much (often times) and the people who run them then make mammon their first love--instead of the Lord God of Hosts--and compromise the Truth, however subtly.

To one extent or another the teachers (whose names I mentioned above) have ties to the powers that be--the Illuminati.  Conspiracies are real: all throughout scripture you have conspiracy after conspiracy being spoken of.  People who have a lot of wealth --and money also, which is actually a measure of wealth (being the easiest way to measure it)--and who have great positions of social status (whether they are well known or not: often not so well-known)--do meet in "secret chambers" to plan the future course of society.  They are the rulers, and the kings (those who hold offices in government) are their puppets.  Even the most elite of the rulers--who hide in the shadows--are puppets ultimately of Lucifer (or Satan).


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