Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Fire; Then Ice

The forest fires across America were started around the time of Prince William's birthday--June 21, which is also the Summer Solstice.  A Christian sister on Youtube--who calls herself "InformedTexasVoter"--says that the fires are a ritual offering to Prince William, which I agree with.  If you can, I recommend that you check out her video (at the bottom of this post).  I tend to  think the black outs that are now occurring in the eastern USA are also part of this offering.

(The above panel is from issue #1 of "Doctor Zero"--written by D. G. Chichester and Margaret Clark, and illustrated by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz.)

I see another stepping stone to a major piece (the mark of the beast) of final Babylon: the Supreme Court has decided that ObamaCare is constitutional.  It doesn't matter: the United States (as a corporation or political entity) was founded on a lie, and the US Constitution is nothing more than an instrument of mass deception.  This whole thing is a big show, to keep the duped people duped.  America itself is a major stepping stone to establishing the Antichrist kingdom.  (The name "America" may very well have come from the Peruvian name for Kukulcan or Quetzacoatl (Lucifer or the serpent), which is: Amaru.  And Amaracu means "land of the serpent."  From Amaracu comes "America."  This according to the excellent research of Ralph Epperson.) 

Apparently it is critical for the Powers That Be to bring America into the Beast system.  The American faction of the Illuminati is doing its part.  The next thing to look for--here in America--is the removal of Pres. Obama.  To make way for the "man of sin."  They know that N. America is the "wilderness" of Revelation 12.  Despite the masonic domination of this continent (from Washington DC), it has for a long time now been God's sanctuary for much of Israel--as well as "strangers" (those who were/are not of Israel) who wanted to join themselves to Israel.

(During the American "Civil War" the Rothschilds intended to invade America from both Canada and Mexico--employing the British and French militaries.  British troops were waiting on the US/Canadian border; French troops were waiting on the US/Mexican border.  The Czar of Russia at the time ordered that Russian warships--with Russian soldiers onboard--be anchored off the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of America: ready to intervene in case the British (Ephraim) and French (Reuben) forces crossed over onto American soil.)

The fires of war are coming--a limited nuclear exchange between the key combatants: the US, Britain, France?, Germany?, Iran, Russia?, China, and North Korea.  Then you have India and Pakistan: you might say that those two nations are wildcards.  Actually, there is one more major nuclear player that must be included: the State of Israel.  Of all the nations I named, I think the last one is the most dangerous in the world right now.  We're on the verge of a nuclear event.  The question is: where will a nuclear device be detonated first?  In Syria?  In Damascus?  (Isaiah 17)

It could be that the cabalists know that we're entering a new ice age, and they've been doing all they can to slow it down--if they can't outright prevent it.  That may very well be one of the reasons that they're laying down chem-trails all over the world.  Or maybe the chemtrails are for Project Bluebeam only.  Or both.

I know that immediately preceding the onset of an ice age, the world's climate warms up significantly.  Which is what we're experiencing now.  The age we're about to enter--to be presided over by Jesus Christ--will most likely see the earth embraced by ice, as the glaciers move southward (from the Arctic region for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere).  That's what it looks like to me. 

Satan and his servants know that their time is short.  It appears that they've deluded themselves into thinking that they can actually win this end times war.  They believe that Lucifer/Satan will reign over the age we're on the cusp of entering.

I'm reminded of the 2nd of a trilogy of fantasy books concerning a character called Corum--by the author Michael Moorcock, who's known mainly as a speculative fiction writer.  In this 2nd trilogy Corum travels into the future of his earth to fight evil gods of ice who are attemting to cover Britain in perpetual snow and ice.  (I must add that I think the time for reading books--except for the Bible--is now past.)  The time travel in that fantasy story reminds me of George Noory (of the radio show "Coast to Coast AM") traveling through time--by way of remote viewing--to the British Isles in the 6th century AD.  It was in 562 AD that a comet exploded over Ireland, drastically affecting both that island and Britain.  To make a long story short, a fleet of Welsh ships headed for N. America.  They made their way up the Mississippi River, settling in the Ohio River Valley for a few years.  Then they headed back to Britain, thinking that enough time had passed for their homeland to recover from the devastation caused by the exploded comet.  Apparently some Welsh stayed behind in America--for whatever reason and became the Mandan people.  Now, Mr. Noory tried to remote view all this, but for some reason he was not successful in doing so.  Remote viewing is an ability that may be Satanic in nature.  It's not something I would get into.  Time travel itself--I feel--is a real capability that has been used by the Illuminati.  Since they have not been able to travel beyond 2012, it has become less and less effective as a tool for their Luciferian/Satanic agenda.