Sunday, July 1, 2012

Surreal Christianity!

In this post I would like to further develop the theme of surrealism that I touched on last time--particularly as it relates to the church today, to Christianity today.  The Christian presence on Youtube is strange, for the most part.  Something just isn't quite right about the Christian activity on Youtube.  It could be because of the lateness of the hour: we are getting closer to the time when night descends, wherein no man can work.

Definitely many Christians (who post videos) are deceived--to one extent or another.  Like others I've been deceived.  That's why I try to keep an open mind--in case somebody comes across my path and can show me that I'm holding onto a falsehood or two.  And some of them may actually be wolves in sheep's clothing, who are trying to push lies--having themselves been deceived.  I'm going to go through this quickly and name names, which won't matter much to you if you do not go on Youtube to check out the Christian offerings.

There's a guy whose Youtube name is 1oftheonez.  I'm not sure what to think of this guy.  He pretty much claims that the Urantia book has the ultimate revelation of Jesus Christ.  So far I haven't seen any evidence that proves this--that's because no such evidence exists; yet this guy has some somewhat interesting insights into history, current events and prophecy.  I guess it's like what somebody said about popular "truth" movement figure Jordan Maxwell: (paraphrasing) even a broken clock is right two times a day.

And then we have a Christian lady named Queeny Cameron.  And her husband, who calls himself "Keef Twoof": a play on a Calvinist on Youtube who calls himself "Keith Truth."  These two see all the deception going on on Youtube, but I'm not so sure that they're going about their calling--to expose the wolves in sheep's clothing--in the way that would best further the kingdom of God.  Nonetheless they do superb work.  Actually I'm sure they are going about it in the best way.  I understand why they appear as rude to people, because there are so many people on Youtube playing games: claiming to be Christians but are actually leading the sheep astray with their false teachings.  So Chance and Queeny soldier on.

A guy calling himself "malakhhatzadik" has some excellent videos.  I agree with a lot of what he says.  Some things I don't, which means that I do think for myself.  He says that Jesus Christ--when he was here on the earth--was not divine.  He would agree that Jesus was God--in the sense that Jesus was of the Elohim; Jesus was and is not the Father: Jesus was and is not the most High.  That I would agree with.  Jesus is the Son and is under the Father.  Yet he is God also, born of a virgin. 

Then we have a Zionist who calls herself "hummingbird027."  From what I can tell, she resorts to the wrath of God concerning those who criticize her views.  That is, she claims that God will judge severely? those who challenge her positions: the (false) rapture and probably also her support of (Satanic) Zionism.  Such is the bizarre world of Christianity today.  That we have "Judeo-Christianity."  Jesus and the Apostle Paul never taught anything that could be considered Judeo-Christian doctrine.  Such is the success of the deception of the Synagogue of Satan.

There's more bizarreness going on when it comes to Christians on Youtube, but that's all I want to say about the matter.  The church overall is in the twilit area of impending darkness.  That's what I perceive around me.  But then the name of this blog is "The Sunsaints."  Somebody may think that I secretly advocate the worship of the sun god Apollo.  I hope nobody gets that impression! 

All around me I see Christians who are asleep--or rather they refuse to acknowledge what is unfolding before our eyes, for whatever reasons.  It appears that we have our work cut out for us: those of us who are awake.

Finally, the kind of preaching done in churches today is topical, where the pastor chooses a topic to cover in his sermons--and he looks for verses and passages that have to do with his chosen topic.  Very rare is expository preaching, where a pastor will go through the Bible verse-by-verse.  And in so doing a pastor will thoroughly (or to the best of his ability) examine the passage at hand.

P.S.  Those who stumbled upon this page, because they're trying to "expose" Queeny and her husband, Keeftwoof--you've exposed nothing but yourselves!  (Wisdom is justified by all her children.)