Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reality Is Breaking Through IV

I remember that one of Napoleon's marshals had the surname "MacDonald."  I thought that maybe this Marshal MacDonald was the son of a Scottish immigrant to France.  This is true, but there's something even deeper: The Knights Templar, after the mass arrests on Friday the 13th in 1307 AD, had made Scotland their refuge--that is, some of those Templars who were able to escape the clutches of the French authorities.  Freemasonry--being a continuation of the Templars--was heavily involved with the French Revolution, for the Jacobins were a branch of said brotherhood.

    The psy-op that occurred at the midnight opening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado--is perhaps part of a number of rituals heralding the rise of the "man of sin."  I've heard that a second, unidentified individual was involved.  The gunman--Holmes--cannot have been a lone actor in perpetrating this bloody act.  He was studying for a PhD in neuro-science; that alone should raise red flags with those who are discerning.  The fact that this took place in the bizarre state of Colorado--and near to the Denver International Airport no less--cannot be overlooked either.  (The immediately obvious oddity about that facility are the disturbing murals.)  Then the symbolism of the name "Aurora" figures in all this: it means "dawn," as in the dawning of a new age--which the Sons of Cain/Zionists/Satanists/Luciferians desire for their lord(s) and for themselves.

A certain prince in Britain became the 1000th knight in the Order of the Garter (Actually he was the 999th member to join that group, from what I've heard.  And 999 upside down is 666, so they changed his ordering in that order, officially declaring him to be the thousandth member.).  From what I've heard, the Order is the most powerful group in the world today.  Will we see the rise of the real Dark Knight soon?  And are we about to enter a dark night?  Am I a decent artist to some extent?

We have buildings around the Olympic stadium in London mounted with missile batteries.  At least one British navy warship has sailed up the Thames to be nearby, in case a false flag--I mean terrorist--attack occurs.  This Olympics--like all the previous Olympics--is a ritual in honor of Zeus.  And Zeus is a corruption of the True God.  More like a ritual in honor of Lucifer and Satan--and this one to usher in the long awaited (anticipated millenia ago) incarnation of Satan. 

If you stop to consider that the 2012 London Olympics have been thousands of years in the making, it just boggles the mind.  And we also have Syria to consider too.  And Iran for that matter.  As I said in a previous post, a thermo-nuclear event will become reality--I suspect strongly.  If only because the prophecies in scripture say that thermo-nuclear strikes (against a number of cities) will happen.  In all this the Creator will bring glory to himself, for he is the only one worthy of our worship.